Visitors with clandestine intentions

Visitors with clandestine intentions

Small height, grey smooth skin, skinny body, big head with large dark oval eyes, very small mouth and nose, long limbs, no hair, no visible genitals. It’s a typical portrait of aliens so-called Greys. They were called «Greys» because of their color of the skin approximately in the 80’s in the USA.

Many people believe they were kidnapped by aliens. Those who ran into Greys call them bad guys from another world. They invade to your life without invitation. They use your body in their own purposes. If they come to you, there is no doubt they will take you. Nothing can stop them almost. There is no sense to hide. They will find you everywhere, any place. If such aliens really exist, what do they want from us? Why do they abduct earth citizens? What are their plans and intentions on our planet?


Let’s dwell upon the history. The first published case of alien abduction occurred in 1961 with married couple Barney and Betty Hill. It was connected with notorious grey aliens. The Hills were driving back to Portsmouth from a vacation in Niagara Falls and Montreal. Just south of Lancaster, New Hampshire they suddenly spot a bright star in the night sky. As they were watching it, the star came into action and started to move towards them. Barney stopped the car, grabbed the binoculars and came out to observe the object. The object moved closer and closer and eventually Barney understood that it was a strange craft (flying saucer). He saw through the binoculars alien figures who were watching on him through the illuminator. At this point he became frightened, returned to the car and drove away putting a pedal to the metal. A short time later, Hills heard a humming sound. They turned on the logging road and stopped. Some people cut off the road and started approach to them. A couple realized that it was not humans. This moment they both had a blackout. Finally, they appeared in the car again, having heard a humming sound. A few hours were missed literally from their memory. They couldn’t remember what was happening to them that time. Few weeks later Betty and Barney were being dreamt the nightmares where they were lying on some sort of operational table and were being examined by strange figures. Something was wrong with them. They went to the several medical specialists to solve their problem, to understand what had been happened and eventually referred to Dr. Benjamin Simon, a highly-respected Boston psychiatrist and neurologist. He conducted a regressive hypnosis. Dr. Simon revealed that UFO people caused the lapse of memories. During hypnosis, he recovered the memory of marrieds. One of the interviews Betty remembers her abduction: «They took us aboard the craft, their craft. And we were taken into separate rooms. They were very human looking. They had two arms, two legs. The only difference basically with their facial features. Their noses were very, very small. Almost no nose. Small lips, small nose. They examined my eyes, ears, nose, throat, skin, hair in all. And then I was put on the table where they scratched my skin in the attempt to find out if our skin was alike or different. They tried to insert a needle like instrument in my navel which caused pain, so they stopped doing it. And I was grateful for that.» Hills say that aliens conducted medical experiments on them. Some of these experiments had a sexual constituent. According to Betty’s story they extracted an ovum from her, and they took semen from Barney. When examination had finished, Betty was provided an opportunity to talk to the leader of aliens. (Later, she drew the UFO leader). This is the portrait Betty Hill drew after regressive therapy:

The conversation was kept by telepathy. «I asked him where he was from. And he showed me a star map», said Betty. In a hypnotherapy session a few years after her encounter Betty drew a map of an alien star system:

At the time experts couldn’t identify it. But in 1966 Marjorie Fish, amateur astronomer tried to identify her picture. She did her research to match the picture to known star systems. And in 1973 she found out that the Hills abductors arrived from Zeta Reticulum constellation (39 light years from Earth). Marjorie Fish was right. The astronomers proved the existence of this constellation later.

This abduction case became a real sensation of that time. The married couple became an object of colossal discussions in newspapers and media. And they still keep on to be.

The causes of abductions. American-alien treaty

When we talk about grey aliens, we often hear about conspiracy theories. The most popular version of conspiracy says that in 1947 under the odd circumstances the UFO disk crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. The military surrounded the territory immediately and took away the disk with its crew on the military base. One of four aliens survived. He was recovered, taken into custody and kept at a safe house. The extraterrestrial looked like typical small grey alien. He was officially nicknamed EBE-1 (extraterrestrial biological entity). There was difficult to set the communication at first, because EBE-1 didn’t want to talk. Time was running, and finally, over 1 month he started to communicate. The communication between EBE-1 and special agent (telepathist or linguist) could be maintained by 3 ways:

1. Telepathy. The being was projecting the thoughts on the telepathist’s head. And contrariwise.

2. Artificial voice box. The conversation maintained by voice box. Alien being was projecting his thoughts on voice box and the box re-translated the thoughts in the mechanical voice.

3. Universal pictograms. The conversation maintained by pictograms. Linguistic scientists invented the set of universal pictograms. Due to them they were talking to the creature.

EBE-1 told that he arrived from Zeta Reticuli — a binary star system. Thanks to him, military succeed to get in touch with representatives of his planet. EBE-1 supposedly suffered from chronic health problems which the doctors of the time were helpless to treat. He died in 1952 of unknown causes.

Year 1954 was a starting point of colossal humans’ abductions. In this year, group of aliens — the representatives landed at Holloman AFB. There was a main task to meet the President D. Eisenhower with alien beings and to discuss the further plan of interaction with them. As a result after discussion the secret treaty was signed between the US Government and aliens. It was called the «Greada Treaty». The 1954 «Greada Treaty» stated:

• The aliens would not interfere in our affairs, and we would not interfere in theirs; The US Government would keep their presence on earth secret;

• The aliens would furnish the US with advanced technology;

• The aliens could abduct humans and livestock on a limited basis for medical examination and monitoring;

• The people subjected to experiences would not be harmed, and returned to their point of abduction with no recollection of the event;

• The US could also do medical examination and genetic experience with aliens;

• Aliens should share the results;

• The aliens would be granted secret facilities for their accommodations and experiences.

• Aliens would interact only with the US Government.

In course of time aliens didn’t comply the treaty. They abducted numerous of people and didn’t share their results almost. Unfortunately the US Government was helpless to contradict aliens. They just ignored aliens’ tricks. It is silly to resist to the race who exceeds us in development in millions of years and owns space and time from A to Z.

This situation shows us that alien visitors didn’t care the treaty. Aliens wanted to finish their genetic programs as soon as possible. One of the version says, they missed the opportunity to reproduce, so that’s why they abduct so many people around the world and create human-alien hybrids.

What is abduction phenomenon supposed to be?

Alien abduction in fact is a kidnapping one or less, more than one people(whole family for example) against their will by abductors (aliens) with the aim to conduct strange medical experiments generally with following return on place of abduction. In most cases of alien abductions victims are kidnapped by Greys.

Here is a typical scenario of abduction:

The unaware victim sleeps in the bed at night (usually alone). Directly, before the abduction happens, he can feel spontaneous fear, coldness, feeling like someone is in the apartment. All this can be accompanied by headache, mixed feelings (anger + fear), in some cases also by nausea. He hears a buzzing sound (very annoying). He notices how bright white light comes from the window and fills up the whole room.

And then They appear from the light. (It is also should be mentioned that aliens can penetrate in the house in any situation. Some abductees saw how aliens were passing through the solid materials, walls to get to the room. Apparently they own a special technology that allows them to split the matter on atomic level). Abductors surround the bedroom. Victim tries to escape but he recognizes that he can’t move. All his body is paralyzed. He is put in comatose condition. He tries to scream, but vainly. His mouth is open, but there is no sound. Then the abductee has a blackout.

He comes in consciousness in very bright room. Being lain on table, he can’t move any muscle. Aliens surround table. Victim can ask his abductors: «what’s going on?» or «what’s happening? , who are you? , why me? «. They usually keep silence, but sometimes they can answer. But their answer is very short. For example: «Keep calm», «We won’t hurt you», «We’re conducting a procedure. We will insert a needle through your nose» etc.

Before the beginning of experiments, abductors stare at unmoved abductee (supposedly they do mindscanning to reveal intellectual abilities).

After that, they conduct habitual set of procedures (take blood; check skin, throat, nose, eyes, body; examine nervous system). And then the most unpleasant part of all: inserting a needle through the nose, throat; anal probing; eyeremoving; extraction of semen or eggs (in other cases people were enforced to have a sexual contact with other abductees or even worse with aliens).

When experiment is finished, aliens could suggest (not always!) observe their craft. People are shown UFO’s interior, some strange glass containers with small babies (hybrids of aliens and humans). It is also should be mentioned aliens show people future apocalyptic world on Earth, full of devastation, hunger. And they can name their home star system which they’d arrived.

Finally, they erase the memory about the incident, and return human back on place of abduction.

What happens next?

After abduction, people don’t know what really happened with them. The whole hours were missed from their life (it is called the phenomenon of missing time, when abductees can’t remember what was happening to them from the beginning of abduction to the end of it, because aliens erased memories). They are dreamt nightmares where they are surrounded by unknown creatures. (Apparently, it’s impossible to delete all memories in head. Sooner or later, little events of abduction will appear in the mind). They wake up in cold sweat. The narrow examination of the body can reveal strange implants (3-10 mm in diameter). People could find them in legs, arms, but often in hard-to-reach places — head, nose, throat, eyes. (These implants may cause pain, the extractions of its gives only a composition of devices. It can be supposed they are used to watch for poor people, to track their steps). Abductees appeal for help to psychiatrist, who practices the regressive therapy. After a course of sessions, abductee recall the evidences of his abduction.

It is considered that almost every person can be the victim of abduction. But Dr. David Jacobs, the famous American UFO investigator who earned his reputation on abduction phenomenon believes that its’ not quite. He conducted many regressive therapies with people. He discovered a new phenomenon in abduction area. According to Jacobs the abduction by aliens has an intergenerational feature. That means that if your father or mother were being kidnapped, you will probably be kidnapped too. It also concerns your children.

The most horrible thing in abduction besides fear and injured health, of course, is a periodicity. If you have ever been abducted by aliens, you have high probability to be abducted again and you don’t even know when they’ll arrive again. There are no any means of defense from them.

Clandestine conclusion

The US Government doesn’t hurry to tell us the whole truth. We don’t even know how long their silence will have been continuing. Luckily to us there are leaks of information and there are whistleblowers around the world. Thanks to them we could know, learn and analyze information concerns the UFO phenomenon and abduction phenomenon. Both of these need meticulous investigation.

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