Australian work visas for part-time

Australian work visas for part-time

Australian work visas for part-time, seasonal and temporary workers

An excellent option for working in Australia in the short term is the so-called Working Holiday visa. You can benefit if you are under 30 and your passport is eligible. You must also show that you have the money to stay in Australia and buy a return ticket at the end of your stay. Usually, visas last 12 months and allow you to work for up to 6 months for any employer. During the visa validity period, you can leave Australia and return as often as you wish.

If you are moving to work for a while in a specialized field — like research or sport — there is a special visa for you. The temporary activity visa for specialized jobs includes various types of work, such as occupations in the entertainment industry or housework. know more Australia visa Singapore

If you had studied in Australia and wanted to stay there after graduation, you could apply for a temporary graduate visa. This visa allows graduates in Australian universities to stay up to 18 months and work in the sector in which they specialize.

How do I get an Australian work visa if I am an entrepreneur?

Australia has recently launched an updated visa for innovation and investment in the company, which could do for you if you wanted to go there to found your company.

In order to apply, you must be in certain fees, including those under 55, speak English competently and hold at least 30% of the capital tied to your business initiative. Some companies, such as real estate agencies or franchises, are not included in this visa. However, there are several specific visas flows for different types of investors.

The specific visa requirements for innovation and investment in the company vary according to this type. However, to have an entrepreneurial work visa, you must present a valid business plan and have made arrangements for a loan of at least 200,000 AUD.

If your company is deemed successful, you can then apply for permanent residence in Australia after four years.

What happens to my partner and my family with my Australian work visa?

The conditions of some Australian work visas allow you to take your family with you to Australia or allow them to join you once you are established. The members of your family included in these conditions and agreements include spouses or partners (including de facto or homosexual relationships), children and other dependents like their parents in certain situations.

In general, the whole family will have to carry out medical checks such as x-rays on the chest and blood tests. Adults must also demonstrate their goodwill with a clean criminal record in every country they have lived in for over a year. The Australian Immigration Authority has released a useful brochure to outline the requirements and options available to your partner to migrate to Australia.

I have my Australian work visa — now what?

Once you arrive in Australia, you can live and work under the terms of your visa. However, there is a general requirement for all visa holders — the possible revocation in the event of guilt relating to a serious crime or link with illegal activities. know more Australia visa Singapore

You will also be responsible for renewing your visa or leaving the country before this expires. VEVO is an app-based tool that allows you to easily view the terms and conditions of your visa once it is issued. It can also be used to forward your visa details to potential employers if you wish. Once settled into your new Australian life, it comes in handy to keep an eye on your visa status and make sure everything is in place.

How can I take my money to Australia from my bank account abroad?

To get the most out of your money in Australia, you will need to open a bank account in Australia, and you can do it before you arrive.

When sending money to or from Australia, you can consider using a currency conversion service such as TransferWise to avoid unfair exchange rates. There is a small transparent commission, and when the money is converted from one currency to another, you will get the real exchange rate — the same as you can view on Google. Not only this, but TransferWise receives and sends money with local rather than international transfers, saving you extra money — it avoids the heavy commissions on international transfers.

If your trip is short, or if opening a bank account in Thailand is not possible, you can still withdraw money from your foreign account using an ATM. Please note that it is more convenient for you to ask to be charged in your local currency instead of yours.

Regardless of when you start your new job abroad, it should be fairly easy to get a visa — just follow the right steps. The most important part is always to make sure you enjoy your new adventure!

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